NRSB (Naturalist for Rehabilitation of Snakes and Birds) is a Non Government Organization established in 2008 and run by Mr. Manoj Gogoi and his team of enthusiastic, dedicated and committed wildlife lovers. NRSB is fully dedicated to the cause of wildlife Conservation, environmental awareness, community outreach, Community welfare and sustainable development. Our objective is to conserve, rescue and provide medical aid to injured wild animals, snakes and birds, rehabilitate wild animals of Kaziranga region and its adjoining areas. To preserve, protect and conserve the unique ecosystems.  Since 2008 NRSB continued its core mandate of biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation of wildlife through a number of initiatives across the state. Working in ecosystems ranging from Brahmaputra River to wetlands, tropical moist forest to grasslands. New programmers on endangered species and places were initiated and ongoing rescue and rehabilitation programmes were both expanded and consolidated. Field work including research, awareness as well as community engagement and policy/advocacy was scaled-up to sustain the conservation efforts on the ground. We have reached out to various sections of society through hands on conservation work, advocacy, education, events and campaigns, to create a national level mandate for nature and wildlife conservation. Our work covers from biodiversity conservation to footprint mitigation.  Since then NRSB has rescued more than thousands of wild animals and snakes. (Registered as an NGO under certification of registration of societies Act XXI of 1860, Government of Assam in the year 2011-2012. Registration no is GOLA/239/C/05)  



The beginning of NRSB  is an interesting incident. The day was 10/10/2007, one fine Sunday morning,  while brushing his teeth along the highway, Mr Manoj Gogoi suddenly noticed some villagers dragging something tied with a rope. A crowd had gathering around. On approaching the site he was shocked to see that it was a python being manhandled.  Generally, people in this part kill snakes and throw them on the highway. So, on enquiry he came to know that the python had swallowed a whole chicken in the village,  and they caught it and tied a knot around its neck to kill it. Wasting no time, Mr Manoj Gogoi ran home and brought a shaving blade and a sack. He immediately cut the python loose and the python vomited the chicken. He then took the python and showed to it to the then Range Officer Mr.D. D Bodo, who appreciated his work and encouraged him to continue his work. The rescued python was finally released at Kathpora, Kaziranga National Park. Though he had been rescuing snakes since a kid, this was his first recorded rescue, the idea of keeping a record was suggested to him by Mr. Kesharam Nath. Thus, with a few active and like minded wildlife lovers he officially formed NRSB in the year 2008.  



NRSB is proud to have completed couple of years of conserving wildlife. From a very small beginning, the organization today has more than hundred members across Assam. We have reached out to various sections of society through hands on conservation work, advocacy, education, events and campaigns, to create a sound mandate for wildlife conservation. NRSB is supported by numbers of well wisher and organizations. We are thankful to:

  • Mr. Debashis Boruah, Journalist & social worker   
  • Mr. Kesharam Nath, Social worker, Kaziranga 
  • Mrs. Liza Cole, Wildlife Expert, Madagascar 
  • Mr. Sunip Sen, Advocate, Mumbai 
  • Mr. Nik Cole, Wildlife behavior and Reptiles expert, Madagascar   
  • Mr. Dharanidhar Bodo, Range officer, Kaziranga National Park 
  • Mr. Dibyadhar Gogoi, DFO,Kaziranga National Park 
  • D. Pullin Ch. Borah, Environmental Scientist, Nowgaon College  
  • D. Manik Kaur, Scientist, Guwahati University     
  • Mr. Ashok Verma, Wildlife Researcher, Rajasthan 
  • Mr. J.P Dabral, Advocate, Supreme Court,Delhi  
  • Mr. Dambaru Gogoi, Social worker, kaziranga 
  • Mr. Subroto Sarma, MD IORA The Retreat, Kaziranga 
  • Mr. Pranjal Kaushik, IT Executive, Dibrugarh 
  • Mr. Jyotish Dutta, Wildlife Photographer, Jorhat 
  • Mr. Jugal Bhorali, Industrialist and Wildlife Photographer, Guwahati 
  • Mr. Hari Prasana Gogoi, Kaziranga 
  • Forest Department of Kaziranga National Park 
  • WTI conservation and rehabilitation centre, Panbari 
  • Soil Conservation, Kaziranga 
  • The Corbett Foundation 
  • Aranyak 
  • Kaziranga Foundation 
  • Kaziranga wildlife society 
  • JBF(Just Be Friend) 
  • Green Reed Photography Society of Assam(PSA) 
  • Centre for Tourism Studies(CTS) 
  • Jeep Safari Association, Kaziranga
  • Kaziranga Regional Journalist Association  
  • Kaziranga Wildlife Society 
  • Hatikhuli Tea Estate 
  • IORA-the retreat .Wild grass 
  • Hornbill 
  • Difaloo River Lodge 
  • Borgos Resort  
  • Infinity Resort  
  • Bonani  
  • Prasanti, Kaziranga 
  • Dongo Guest House 
  • Kaziranga Florican 
  • Santi Lodge 
  • Dhanshree Resort 
  • Namdang lodge 
  • Ekora 
  • Jupuri Ghar 
  • Bonhabi .Grassland 
  • Cikuni Bhawan 
  • Kaziranga Resort 
  • Regal guest house 
  • Emarald .Heritage nest 
  • Aashroy 
  • Holiday House 
  • Park Resort 
  • Ruby Lodge 
  • Alohi Ghar 
  • Anabil Lodge 
  • Pelican dhaba .Unicorn Cottage 
  • Arimora Guest House 
  • Kaziranga Jungle Camp 
  • Maa Komola 
  • Madhuban Resort 
  • Green Ashiyana Resort 
  • Nature hunt, kaziranga 
  • Madhaya Kaziranga Gaon Panchayat 
  • .Pachim Kaziranga Gaon Panchayat   



NRSB has been working from Bokakhat to Jokhalabandha and foot hills of Karbi Anglong in proximity to Kaziranga National Park. Including ranges are:

  • Agaratali (Eastern Range) Kohora(Central Range) 
  • Bagori (Western) 
  • Bruhapahar 
  • Karbi Anglong 



MANOJ GOGOI (Founder and President): He was born in Kaziranga in the year 1975. After completing his secondary education he started working as a tourist guide inside the park. With his own effort gathered wildlife knowledge with his own effort. Mr. D. D Bodo, forest ranger of Kaziranga NLP, recognized his keen  interest in wildlife and thus gifted him a small binocular. Thus started his journey as a naturalist. Amidst the various hardship, he continued to follow his passion for wildlife conservation.

People began to recognize him as a rescuer in the locality. They started contacting him for rescue of wild animals in distress. Thus, with a few active and like minded wildlife lovers he officially formed NRSB in the year 2008. Since then NRSB has rescued more than five hundred wild animals. Realizing that awareness is the key to wildlife conservation, NRSB now organises awareness camps  in schools and villages in and around Kaziranga. His relentless efforts have won him appreciation internationally too.

Mr. Dhurba jyoti Bordoloi (Piku), Mr. Siddhartha Karmakar, Mr. Kushal Ch. Borah, Dr. Naveen pandy, Mr. Bitupan kalita (Kolong), Mr. Dibya jyoti Saikia, Mr. Gigraj Prasad, Mr. Pranab Gogoi, Mr. Nipan Saikia, Mr. Bokul Bhuyan, Mr. Mridul Sonowal, Mr. Rajib Bhuyan, Mr. Bumoni Phukan, Mr. Hemanta gogoi, Mr. Papu Choudhury, Mr. Ashok Tanti, Miss. Anju Bawri, Mr.Jyotish Dutta, Mr. Bhuban Gogoi, Mr. Hrishiraj Barukial : These boys are the ear and eye of Kaziranga National Park. They have a very positive attitude and an exceptionally cheerful nature and a unique ability to reach out to people at different levels. They chose to be in conservation at very early ages. They are passionate to the cause of conservation and rescue. Their loyalty to the Kaziranga and organization are unmatched during life long tenure with NRSB and Kaziranga .